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  Do you want to achieve your full potential in life?
  Supercharge your self confidence?
  Increase your self esteem?
  Land your dream job? 
  Find your true love?

It's all possible with our newest and most exciting programme yet!

About Michelle Crook:

“My passion is making a difference
to the lives of EVERYONE”

Michelle is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Life-Changer, and the Founder of Reactiv8 and The Prosper8y Academy.


She is passionate about transforming the lives of others by helping and encouraging them to be the best they can be. She hosts a catalogue of mentoring programmes designed to boost self-confidence and self-belief.


“With the right support, tools and knowledge, you can live the most fulfilling and prosperous version of your life, RIGHT now. I’m going to show you how, and support you every step of the way…”


The Prosper8y Academy is for anyone who wants to reach their full potential in every aspect of their life.

We give you all of the tools, support and knowledge needed to:

Any investment in yourself brings the biggest returns.

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